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Massage Therapy

yes, its for you

Modern medicine is finally starting to appreciate and catch up with what ancient healing sciences have known for
millennia … The human touch is a powerful, integral part of wellness.

Massage is not just for the counterculture, naturalists and athletes. By reducing the body’s stress, massage is conducive to improved circulation, healthy digestion and deep sleep. Targeted musculo-tendonous work can realign scar tissue, alleviate chronic and acute pain, and prevent the onset of injury. Plus, it feels pretty great. So whether you’re hunched over a desk all day staring at a computer, recovering from surgery, feeling disconnected from your body or just plain stressed out by life in New York City, massage will help.

I appreciate you and the body you are in, and will always use the appropriate techniques to deliver the treatment you need. Sometimes that will mean elbows under your shoulder blade to get out deep adhesions, sometimes a slow, myofascial release to free up restricted movement, and sometimes you'll just need a grounding, comforting session with pressure points and gentle holds. Most often my approach is integrated, because we are all complex beings with unique needs, you too.

Massage truly is for every body.  However you arrive, you are welcome.