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Nora Gross, LMT

I love being a massage therapist--facilitating people's wellness  is an incredible privilege. After a successful but stressful career in the the hospitality industry, I felt the need for a seismic change, to do something more noble with my ability to connect with others. I enrolled in the Swedish Institute, where I studied the ins and outs of human anatomy and physiology with some of the best health science teachers in the country.

After graduating, I worked with an Ayurvedic physician, through whom I acquired a deep appreciation of ancient, holistic medicines and the potential for connecting and healing the mind and body through massage.  Since then, I've completed certifications in medical and perinatal massage, and stay current with the most advanced massage therapy techniques by taking regular continuing education classes. My work is informed and clinical, but always inclusive, personal and caring.

I've had the opportunity to work with women throughout and after their pregnancies, and taught them how to massage their own babies. I've helped jiu-jiteiros, bartenders and musicians recover from injuries that could have sidelined them. My work has alleviated chronic pain people lived with for years, believing it was a permanent part of their lives. And I've converted many skeptics into true believers in the benefits of regular massage.

Let's work together!